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The first type of walk is called a Traditional Event. This is a special walk put on by a club frequently coinciding with a local festival or event. Our club sponsors about five of these type of walks a year. Brochures available soon for these 2017/2018 Traditional Walks:

12/19/17     Twin Lakes Park (downloadable brochure to come)

TBA 2018  Ohiopyle Winterfest (downloadable brochure to come)

04/21/18     Cedar Creek Park  (downloadable brochure to come)

06/09/18     Ohiopyle State Park   (downloadable brochure to come)

09/15/18     Mingo Creek Park  (downloadable brochure to come)

The second type of walk is called a Year Round Event (YRE). It is a self-directed walk that a persona may do any time it is convenient for them, usually 365 days a year. This type of walk is popular with people that travel, as it allows them to do walks all over the country as they travel. Our Club sponsors three YRE’s currently in the SW Pennsylvania area:


GAP Trail West Newton                         Washington                                Pittsburgh


In addition to our walking events we offer a bike event:  Great Allegheny Passage (GAP Trail) that goes from Pittsburgh, PA through Ohiopyle State Park.


We have a seasonal snowshoe event where equipment can be rented to participate:

12/15/17 (weather permitting) to 03/31/18     Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Additional Opportunities and Special Programs

There are clubs in every state so there are plenty of opportunities to walk within a reasonable driving distance. Events can be located on the www.ava.org website. This encourages people to get out and see some of the beautiful areas of the country instead of just walking in their own neighborhood.

Another way interest if stimulated for a walker is through a number of Special Programs. These programs are optional and involve buying a special book for the program. Some of the special programs are: All 50 States, All Capitals, Walk Cities A-Z (i.e. Bethal Park = B), Walk the 67 Pennsylvania Counties, and Walk across a State Border, to name a few.

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