What is Volkssporting?

Volkssporting started in Germany and simply defined, is a personal fitness sports and recreation program offering noncompetitive walks, hikes, bike rides, swims, and in some regions cross-country skiing. You may choose your time to start within the start/finish “window” and participate in the sport at your own pace.

Walking – also called “volksmarching” – is the most popular of all the volkssporting activities.

Volkssporting in the United States is sponsored by the American Volkssport Association (AVA) which has a nationwide, grassroots network of about 300 active clubs presenting more than 3,000 volkssporting events each year.

Founded in 1976, AVA is an educational nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to promoting fun, fitness and friendship.

Volkssporting As A Lifestyle

Many people adopt volkssporting as part of their lifestyle, and have completed hundreds of events and thousands of kilometers. While most begin walking for fitness (that inevitable medical ‘‘wake-up call”), most continue because of friendships and social benefits.

Most participants do take part in the International Achievement Award Program by purchasing record books to record their progress, or receive a special event award that adds to the fun of accomplishment.

Volkssporter Profile

The average volkssporter is a “baby boomer,” in his or her mid-fifties, and usually an “empty-nester” either approaching or beginning retirement.

The ratio of female to male participants is about 60%-40%. Approximately 25,000 volkssporters are members of local clubs, with thousands more regularly walking each year.

Past surveys indicate 84% travel out of state on a regular basis  to participate in events and that they participate for enjoyment of the outdoors, exercise, health, travel and to enjoy the fun and social aspects of volkssporting.


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Lori Lamberski